Friday, August 20, 2010

10 out of 100 Thoughts on Social Media

Social Media is here to stay, so here's another reminder to jump on the bandwagon. Read Valerie Maltoni's post 100 Thoughts on Social Media. Read all 100 thoughts. Don't worry, they're short. But first, check out 10 of her thoughts (along with Artful Aging comments) right here.

#  9 realize that the most important person is the other
That's right, social media and social networking is not all about you. It's about what you can do for others.

#18 resist copying
Sure, you don't want to "reinvent the wheel." But share things in your own voice, in your own words. Attribute the information, the quote, the photo, the whatever to the source. Go that extra step and link to the original source.

#23 collaborate freely
This goes along with both #9 and #18. It's not all about you. Make friends and play nice with others. Give credit where credit is due and you'll get credit in turn. Connect, connect, connect.

#46 build an extra mile on someone else’s runway
Yes, we'll say it again. It's not all about you. Promote other organizations' events and activities. Remember #9, #18 and #23. The more you share someone else's information, the more interesting and valuable content you can offer your audience.

#49 stay with it through the thick and thin
It takes time to build an online presence. It takes patience to engage followers and listeners. In the beginning, you sometimes feel you are "talking" to yourself. Hang in there. Build #9, #23 and #46 and they will come.

#67 thank often and liberally
Saying "thank you" ...  a few minutes. Showing appreciation and recognition ... a few minutes more. The return ... priceless.

#71 find mentors
Find out who's posting on Facebook, blogging, and tweeting about your niche. Find the authorities, the leaders. Follow them. Link to them. "Like" them. Connect. Take notes!

#73 be flexible
Be prepared for the unexpected. Plan out the topics you want to share with your audience. But be ready to switch gears and share a new, current bit of information that just popped up. Be prepared, but be timely.

#85 work with others, it’s not a competition
Re-read #8, #18, #23, #46, #67 and #71. The more, the merrier. Web 2.0 is big and wide. When you are willing to share, then you share the "winning."  Be discriminating, but be generous and, yes, #73, be flexible.

#95 inspire and find inspiration
Inspire your followers to do something. The best way to inspire others is to get inspired yourself. Always, always be on the search for inspiration.

Have you taken the leap and jumped on the Social Meda Bandwagon. Need some help? Start by re-reading our Take Notes! posts:

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