Monday, July 26, 2010

A Monday Equation: Life = Risk

"If you've never failed, you've never lived."

Happy Monday!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Boomers, Senior Living, Eldercare and . . . Social Media?

If you are in the aging services field and you are not following Carenetworks Blog ~ the convergence of senior living, LTC and social media, go there right now and subscribe. Hmmm . . . are you really still asking WHY?

Here's why:

Are you still asking WHY?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Monday and the world is just awesome!

Break into song today! Boom De Ah Dah!

Thanks, Discovery Networks!
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Exploring Peace & Violence Prevention with MiND TV & Drexel University

You are invited to join MiND TV and partners at Drexel University’s Center for the Prevention of School Age Violence for an evening of new, 5-minute documentaries exploring topics of violence, violence prevention, and peaceful solutions.

“Exploring Peace & Violence Prevention”
A Community Screening and Panel Discussion
Tuesday, July 20th 2010
6 pm – 8 pm
The Mitchell Auditorium in the Bossone Building at Drexel
3128 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

The event is free of charge and food/drink will be provided. Learn More at MiND News and Events. Please RSVP today to OR on Facebook

MiND TV is a nonprofit, local Philadelphia television station.
MiND is a learning channel that believes in the power of community. Many of our programs are created by our members. MiND is TV by the people, for the people.
And yes, MiND TV has a Facebook Page and Creative Arts & Aging Network "Likes" it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

6 "Must Reads" if you work in Aging services or Lifelong Learning

Two weeks ago we posted to Artists to give them a jumpstart on their summer to-do lists. Now, dear colleagues in Aging services, it's your turn. This post is to encourage you to take some time over the summer to plan your arts programming. 

Creativity Matters. This is not only a true and important statement, it is the title of The Arts and Aging Toolkit written by Johanna Misey BoyerCreativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit, developed in partnership with the National Guild for Community Arts Education, the National Center for Creative Aging, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, is a resource for aging services organizations that are developing and expanding participatory arts programs for older adults. And it is available online here free-of-charge.
"The arts are the key. They enable us to communicate effectively within and between generations, making sense of and reconciling life experiences, understanding and celebrating the present, and creating a legacy for the future. They also allow us to experiment without fear of failing—to be challenged—and to succeed in learning new skills and discovering latent ones. Strengthening connections among older adults, family, friends, residents, and caregivers, the arts create a sense of community in which each person’s contribution is respected. In sum, the arts enhance quality of life."
The Arts and Aging Toolkit has 9 chapters, but here are th 5 "must read" chapters for you:

  1. Understanding the Context for Arts and Aging Programs (Chapter 1): Refresh your aging knowledge -describing normal aging, changes during aging, demographics of aging, productive aging, implications for Arts and Aging programs and the big-picture challenges to Arts and Aging programs.
  2. How Arts Participation Benefits Older Adults (Chapter 2): Learn about enhancing community quality of life as well as enhancing individual quality of life.
  3. Effective Practices (Chapter 5): Learn what effective practices are, how to identify outcome goals, how to influence others, understnad adult learning and read about examples of programs.
  4. Program Design (Chapter 6): Learn how to plan the program, find and work with partners, secure resources, and market to participants.
  5. Program Implementation (Chapter 7): Learn how to set the stage, keep on track, and support Teaching Artists.
  6. This is not another Toolkit chapter, but it's important for you to re-read our Let's Review Facebook post to set up your organization's Facebook Page. Oh, you did follow our advice and you've already set up a Facebook Page? Congratulations! Now you need to leave a comment on this post and tell us the name of your Facebook Page so we can "Like" you!
Over the next few weeks, take a break in the afternoon (when things are a bit less busy), grab an iced tea ('cause it's really hot out there) and start reading. You will definitely feel inspired and guided to better plan your 2010-11 program year.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Judith Zausner brings home a Bronze!

True, the Winter Olympics have been over for a little while now, but "Congratulations" go to CAAN Board Member, Judith Zausner!  A piece she wrote for her blog Creativity Matters won Bronze in the Single Article — Magazine/Newspaper/Newsletter (Editorial) category of the 2010, 19th National Mature Media Awards (check out her mention here on page 9).

A snippet from Judith's When Creative Success Comes Later in Life:
"But I believe that these late bloomers all share an exceptional ability to persevere, a brilliant talent that would not lay quiet, a set of good genes and a stable environment. They have enriched our lives as a result of their determination and unwavering spirit and they challenge those who believe that old age is simply a negative consequence of living."
Go here to read the complete article.

Judith is a consultant, designer and writer "focused on empowering creativity and teaches craft classes for older adults." In her own "encore career," Judith shares her creative journey on her website Caring Crafts. Catch a glimpse of some of Judith's Caring Crafts work here and then go here to read more about Judith herself.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Monday! Mural Arts...Mural Arts...Why Not!

Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program now has the Mural Mile as a way for anyone and everyone to experience 17 diverse murals located in Center City--on your own, using your cell phone or the downloadable podcast.  To promote their Mural Mile, the Mural Arts Program got together with movement artist Rhonda Moore and produced a Random Act of Dance!  Enjoy this video of a "surprise-spontaneous-choreographed-synchronized dance" in front of one of Meg Saligman's Philadelphia Muses.

Happy Monday! Hey . . .Wait . . . there's more . . .

If you are looking for something to do this Wednesday, July 14, (5:30 – 6:30 pm), you can meet 3 of the muralists:
Muralist David McShane at Famous Franks, 13th & Pine Streets
Muralist Meg Saligman at Theatre of Life, Broad & Lombard Streets
Muralist Willis Humphrey at Mapping Courage, 6th & South Streets
Or, on Thursday, July 15 (5:30 - 7 pm) come to Famous Franks (13th & Pine Street ) this  dressed as your favorite Frank (Frank Sinatra, Frankenstein, Ben Franklin--be creative!) and meet muralist David McShane. Free frankfurters for costumed attendees and people named Frank, Francine, Frances, etc.

And yes, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program does have a Facebook Page! You should too! Why Not!
(Can't see the video? Go to Artful Aging and enjoy!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

When it comes to social media IS ignorance bliss? Take Notes!

Ignorance is not always bliss. In a great, free e-book, Social by Social, the authors (Andy Gibson, Nigel Courtney, Amy Sample Ward, David Wilcox and Prof. Clive Holtham) believe that all successful projects are supported by some common principles and guidelines. And these principles and guidelines can be applied to all "social by social" projects.
It’s time for the social sector to catch up. There is a new social infrastructure being built, and we can use it to make the world better. This book explains how to do it, and what might happen if we do...
This book has been designed as a training manual and reference guide about technology and social media for people at all levels of experience – and scepticism. You can dip into particular sections and use it for reference, or read it in sequence to get a better understanding of how everything fits together.
Social by Social, has come up with 38 propositions as their "collaborative manifesto for successful social by social projects." Here are just 11 of them:
  • Never assume, always ask. You can’t know what your community wants from you without asking, and they are waiting to be asked. Be specific, define the issue and let the answers pour in. Then be transparent about your next moves.
  • Content is king. Providing great content – resources, information, stories, connections, conversations – means new users will find you and others will stick with you. Give people easy ways to share this content too, freely and openly.
  • Learn to listen before you start talking. Good conversations require good listeners more than good talkers. Listen first to find out what people want to hear.
  • Be consistent. Whatever you say in public, remember you are talking to everyone, all the time, so stay true to your principles.
  • All energy is good energy. If people are taking the time to criticise you, they are already engaged. Listen to their concerns and find ways to bring them in.
  • You can’t learn to fly by watching the pilot. If you want to understand new technologies, start using them. Dive in.
  • Start small. It’s always better to build too little than too much. Beware of specifying costly systems until you are absolutely familiar with the tools and know how people would use them.
  • Keep it sociable. If you want action, leave room for social in teractions and personal stuff, not just w orthy, productive topics. Playful, human in teractions build trust.
  • Be a pirate. There’s so much free stuff out there just waiting for you. Make use of what others have shared and save your energies for what you’re best at.
  • Empty rooms are easier to redecorate. Be fast and loose with evolving your platform in the early stages, but be cautious of changing things once people start relying on it.
  • Failure is useful. If you want to know what works, learn from what didn’t.
Social by Social has a "Jargonbuster" section as well as lots of Tools and Resources. Throught the book you'll find short practical guides on “how to” do various technical tasks, such as:
p. 35  will show you How to find and join the conversations that are already happening
p. 37 will help you Getting started with social technologies
p. 180 will tell you How to subscribe to an RSS Feed and How to create a Google Alert 
p. 178 gives you 10 Search Engine Optimisation tips
p. 181 will show you How to use and How to Choose tags for your organisation
p. 185 tell you How to use blogging to improve your search engine position
Take Notes! Download your free Social by Social PDF here. Do it right now. You'll be glad to have this resource. (And it's well worth the price!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Monday is really Tuesday, we all need a little song and dance to get going!

This week, Tuesday is your Monday! Sit back and enjoy a little "good, strong positive thinking"!

Happy Tuesday-is-this-week's-Monday!