Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joanne Turney Bauers and “The Art of Joyful Aging”

This is a guest post by Alexandra Shaw, Manhattan Arts International.

Inner Beauty by Joanne Turney Bauers

When Joanne Turney Bauers, a charismatic, red haired woman, enters the room all heads turn. Simply stated, this beautiful 81-year old artist radiates joie de vivre. She lives a rewarding and active life in which she pursues her many areas of creativity, volunteer work, and travel between her home base in Washington, DC and her pied-a-terre in Manhattan.

Mrs. Bauers has had a successful artistic career which has included exhibitions throughout the world and many awards of distinction. She is also an advocate for social change, particularly in the area of attitudes about the aging process. Her most recent accomplishment is "The Art of Joyful Aging," a hard-cover book that features 80 of her abstract “Teeny Turney” paintings accompanied by a positive quote. The paintings are featured in different chapters that relate to the four seasons.

What motivated Mrs. Bauers to create such an inspirational book was her desire to reverse the negative associations people of all ages have about what she enthusiastically refers to as “Advanced Youth.” She states,
 “The intent of my book, ‘The Art of Joyful Aging,’ is to focus on the many advantages of aging which has been all but ignored in our society. Aging, or as I call it 'Advanced Youth,' is the one common human trait we all share from birth to death. (If we are fortunate to live until adulthood.) We are an extremely youth oriented society with very little time, honor or respect given to our elders. It has been said that the character of a country can be simply seen on how we treat our elders. My book gives all the positives about the joy of aging from friends, family, the youth and the famous accompanied by one of my paintings with each affirmation. I suggest you read one positive quote a day to keep the Doctor away and bring joy to your life.”
Mrs. Bauers’ book has been described as “a health tonic” to be cherished and shared with loved ones. Her philosophy may well be attributed to her spiritual beliefs:
"I feel as if I am the instrument through which the spirit of life can be revealed on canvas. This is a wonderful gift and I treat it with respect, reverence and gratitude. I trust the Divine mind within me to be my leader and guide.”
She is currently sharing her optimistic attitude in her talks and book signings to inspired audiences in the Washington, DC and New York City area. Her schedule will be announced soon on the Edgewood Publishing Company website. “The Art of Joyful Aging” can be ordered from the web site and it is also available in the Katzen Museum and The National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington, DC.

Mrs. Bauers recognizes the healing power of art. Several years ago she created "The Art of Healing," a poignant series of thirteen paintings that depict the emotional stages of her battle against and recovery from breast cancer. They encapsulate the universal feelings associated with loss, suffering, fear, faith, hope and healing.

She has traveled extensively through the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Bangkok, the Kybher Pass, and Europe. For 15 years, she lived on the Costa Del Sol in Spain. The passion and colors of that land and its people emanate from her exuberant paintings.

Mrs. Bauers work is in many private and public collections including Osman Ali, former Executive Director of the World Bank, International Resources Corporation, Washington, DC; Mallorcan Properties International, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; and Hyatt Hotel, Arlington, VA.

You can view more of Joanne Turney's work on the Manhattan Arts International web site.

About the Author: Alexandra Shaw is an editor for Manhattan Arts International, Celebrate HerStory, and the Healing Power of Art blog.

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