Friday, March 19, 2010

Facebook is Easy as 1-2-3! Take Notes!

Yes, Facebook has grown up...
and is for grownups!

As an Organization serving Older Adults, you need to create a Facebook Fan Page.
As an Artist you need to create a Facebook Fan Page.

Here are three places that will help you do just that:
  1. Over at Alyson Stanfield's ArtBizBlog you can clear up your confusion about Facebook profiles and fan pages. Still wondering why anyone would want to join your fan page even if you had one? Facebook Fan Pages: What, Why, and How attempts to answer these questions.  Alyson shares Textile Artist Lisa Call's response to Do I Need a Facebook Fan Page? as well as Lisa's Practical Tips for Setting Up a Fan Page. Lisa knows what she's talking about and Creative Arts and Aging just became a Fan of her Facebook Page as well as ArtBiz Facebook Page. Check them both out!
  2. HubSpot has two great resources for you.  View their great, easy-to-understand, step-by-step video on How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps. Then, read HubSpot's clear and informative ebook How to Use Facebook for Business. And yes, Artist, and yes, Nonprofit, you are a business.  CAAN is a Fan of HubSpot's Facebook Page.
  3. Now go over to Tech Soup and read their A Beginner's Guide to Facebook to learn how nonprofits--or actually, anybody--can get started on Facebook. Tech Soup is a great resource. You can access their archived webinars and learn things like How to Integrate Social Media into Your Website and Introduction to Social Media and Fundraising. Yes, Creative Arts and Aging Network is also a Fan of Tech Soup's Facebook Page.
Did you Take Notes?

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