Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turkish Marbling comes to Philadelphia

Richard Aldorasi, a Creative Arts & Aging Board Member, was highlighted in April on the PBS special, "Ebru World Arts" a WHYY Experience,

As a resident artist with the Pennsylvania State Council on the Arts, Richard offers this special program, the World Art Project, through the Arts in Education Partnership (PCA).
The World Art Project residency program allows students to explore the following 8 hands-on art techniques from around the world: Turkish and Japanese Suminagashi marbling applied to paper and silk, making linen paper with flowers, ferns, gold, silver and metallic iridescences, paste painting and momigami paper design, making Egyptian papyrus paper, bookbinding, and letter press printing.
Each student learns the rich history of these decorative folk arts including the historic role Philadelphia and Pennsylvania played in papermaking and printing.
Watch Richard with young students as they learn ebru, the art of Turkish marbling, an art form that if not taught anymore, is in danger of disappearing.  

Learn more about Richard's work by visiting The Philadelphia Handmade Paper Company.

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