Friday, April 2, 2010

Take Notes! Social Media Is Not Gibberish - Part II

Still confused about Social Media and Social Networking?  Let me just give you this important piece of advice ...
... treat each venue as a way to connect with an audience that would care about you and your work.
Well, ok, that isn't actually my advice.  I "borrowed" it from Artist Luann Udell, who shared this very important tidbit in her post ALL THIS SOCIAL MEDIA and Still Nobody’s Asking Me to Dance.

You're an Aging Services Organization ... well, ok, more accurately, you work for an Aging Services Organization ...  Hopefully you've been Taking Notes and you've entered the world of Facebook.  Are you starting to understand a little more about Social Media as a way to connect and share what you're doing?
You're an Artist and sure, you're busy creating Art ... but, hopefully, you've also been Taking Notes and have at least created your Profile on Facebook.   Who better than to learn more about all this Social Media connecting and sharing "stuff" than from other Artists?  
And remember, as an Organization Serving Older Adults or as an Artist, Social Media is just ... a way to connect with an audience that would care about you and your work.

Keep reading Friday's Take Notes! We'll start talking about Blogs in April.

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