Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog...Is That the Question?

You're an Artist... You're a Nonprofit...
You're wondering if you need a blog... And what is a blog anyway?
Take Notes! while Nancy Schwartz answers your question: What is a blog ?

Blogs for Artists ... 
& Blogs for Aging Organizations ...

  • You don't think you need a Blog is because your audience is over 55? Carenetworks says You Must Blog Now!
If you want to develop a blog (and yes, even YOU can do it!), follow our Friday Take Notes! Posts.  You'll get lots of information and resources to help you learn how to set up a Blog--whether you are an Artist, an Aging Services Organization, a Nonprofit, or just You!
P.S.--If you are interested in some "in-person" help, send an email to CAAN and we'll work on putting a workshop together.

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