Wednesday, December 1, 2010

6 Places to Learn How to Blog

No, don't follow this shabby sign to buy or lease a Blog.  Here are six very non-shabby places to go to learn how to set up your Blog for free ... whether you are working in Aging or you are an Artist.

You'll see that these resources are all pretty much talking about Blogger as the blogging platform. Sure there are other free platforms, but, in my humble opinion, Blogger is the easiest platform to use and a great place to start. Take Notes!
  1. Begin reading Tech Soup's article Ready to Start Blogging? 
  2. Then go to Empty Easel's What Blogging Program do MOST Artist Bloggers Use? (Useful information even if you're not an Artist.)
  3. Empty Easel will also show you How To Set Up A Free Art Blog On Blogger (In Just 8 Steps) (Again, even if it's not a Nonprofit Blog, or an Aging Organization Blog - the 8 steps still work.)
  4. Still need more help? Tim Adam gives you step-by-step instructions in how to set up your Blog in his Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3.
  5. So, now you know how to set up a Blog. Time to check out this video from Facebook for Dummies about posting a post in Blogger. (Yes, you can learn about blogging in Facebook for Dummies.)
  6. Now, go read Empty Easel's article about Artist's Blogging Styles to decide what your Blog's focus will be. (And once again, this article is for everyone, not just for Artists.)
Photo by John Weise

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