Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have you checked your Creative Well lately?

Wishing Well
"The thing that makes a creative person is to be creative and that is all there is to it. "
~ Edward Albee

Kathy Caprino has written Are You Accessing Your Creative Well? for the Society for Creative Aging. In her article, Kathy shares that she let her creative activities go unnourished and hidden for 25 years and then,

"What I realized is that we cannot 'find ourselves,' or achieve a joyful, meaningful and fulfilling professional or personal life if we force these beautiful creative pieces of ourselves to go underground.
"Your creative gifts are not yours by accident. You were meant to have these gifts, and express these sparks of creativity for the betterment and enrichment of your life and others. Now is the time to access your creative well again."
Kathy shares a few tips to help you tap your creative well ...
  • Identify your creative talent make it a priority.
  • List everything that has held you back from expressing your creative gifts, then move forward.
  • Commit to finding a forum to begin.
  • Find a mentor, friend, or coach who can help you access your creativity.
  • Shine the light on your creative gifts, and don't allow them to be hidden any longer.
The Society for Creative Aging in Boulder, Colorado,"ignites the excitement of creativity at every stage of life...Engaging in a creative process is a wonderful way for older adults to draw from their life experiences, discover their latent talents, explore new interests and experience the joy of being creative."

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