Thursday, June 24, 2010

An interview with Gay Hanna...and more!

has posted a brief interview with Gay Hanna, PhD, Executive Director of the National Center for Creative Aging. Gay is a former Executive Director of SAH.

After you read Gay's interview, check out this archived webinar: 

Creativity and Aging Forum
with Gay Hanna, National Center for Creative Aging
Amir Parsa and Laurel Humble, Department of Education,
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Part 1 Embrace the Moment! Creativity Matters
Part 2 With Aging, Art is like Chocolate to the Brain!
Part 3 Art and Aging at MoMA
Part 4 Meet Me at MoMA

Don't worry about jotting down the contact information. SAH's website also shares the webinar slides in PDF:
Embrace the Moment: Creativity Matters
Art and Aging at MoMA: Programming for Older Adults

Whether you are in the aging world or the art world, take some time to check out Creativity Matters.

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