Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Artists Only: 6 ideas to jumpstart your summer to-do list

It's officially summer and, as if you haven't noticed, it's hot, hot, hot! Take a break from your regular routine and spend some "cool" time planning your business. Yes, I said business.
  1. has come up with 8 Sensible Projects for Artist: Things to Do When You've Got Time on Your Hands, such as update your business cards or get started on your taxes. Taxes? Yes, the year is half over and next April 15 will be a breeze if you're organized.
  2. What? You don't have business cards? Yes, I know you're an artist, but you still need business cards. has just the article for you--Business Cards 101 for the Independent 21st Century Artist. What? You don't have business cars? Vistaprint is a great (and cheap) place to start. You can take the plunge and start with 250 Free business cards. (Free means shipping & handling only, which is very inexpensive.) Vistaprint is a great resource for postcards too.
  3. Over at smARTist career blog Ariane Goodwin reminds you to Power up Your Artist Statement and she also share what she thinks an artist's statement should be. On her ArtBizBlog, Alyson Stanfield also reminds you to Hone Your Artist Statement. Catching a theme here?
  4. It's way too hot to clean and organize, but you can use this time to plan out your fall cleaning. Artist Luann Udell shares lots of helpful tips and ideas for cleaning out your studioLuann has written a whole series of posts about cleaning out her attic and shares how to deal with all that paper, identifying your legacy as an artist, freecycle and more.
  5. And to keep track of all your inspiration, to-do lists, interesting thoughts throughout the summer, Sue Smith shares her low-tech, simple system on her blog, Ancient Artist: Developing an art career after 50.
  6. Re-read our Let's Review Facebook post and set up your Artist Facebook Page. Oh, you did follow our advice and you've already set up a Facebook Page? Congratulations! Now you need to leave a comment on this post and tell us the name of your Facebook Page so we can "Like" you!
Now go grab an iced tea, kick off your sandals, and start your own to-do list for your art business. This is the perfect time to start using Sue Smith's simple system. It works!

P.S. Don't worry, all you folks who work in the Aging field. Your summer to-do list will be here next week!

Photo by davidsilver

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