Friday, April 16, 2010

Creativity, Arts & Aging From One Little Link . . .

Take a minute and go grab a cup of coffee (or tea).  And maybe something to munch on too.  But come right back! 

Settled in?  OK, let's do some exploring around the internet for interesting (and short) bits to read about creativity and aging.

Let's start with the latest PCACares News Bulletin which directs us to Poets of Dementia,
which in turn, sends us to More Silver Screen ... Plus a Few Good Books,
which then leads us to Goodbye, Spry Codgers. So Long, Feisty Crones,
which takes us to the end of this path--well worth it just to discover Aging Services of California's motto:
 Aging is an active verb.

Now, let's go back to Poets of Dementia and head off in another direction.
Let's follow the trail to A Novel Take on Assisted Living,
which leads us to Finding Activities for Parents With Memory Loss,
and we'll end up at 10 Ways to Work Out Your Brain in 5 Minutes or Less.

One more time, Poets of Dementia will lead us in yet another direction.  Finish up your cup of coffee with a nice, warm and fuzzy read My Mother's Watch.

Amazing where just one link can take.  Do you have any interesting links you want to share?  Send me your link in a Comment and I may use it here for another exploration.  Who know where your link will take us?

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