Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Monday! Hurry up and watch this before you forget!

Here's a funny video that you will relate to if you are over 50.  A little song about forgetting. A little bit of aging set to music. It's a fun way to start out your . . .  your . . . hmmm, what is today? Oh, yeah--start your Monday!

Happy Monday! (It is Monday, isn't it?)

(Can't see the video? Go to Artful Aging and enjoy!)


  1. Beautiful voice, and a funny song. In the service of speaking to the positive about the capacities of the older brain, it's good to remember that mature minds actually have some wonderful integrative intellectual capabilities. The Mature Mind by Dr. Gene Cohen is a wonderful eye-opener. Even though this song is funny and even though I love a good laugh, I don't want to support older adults buying into pervasive stereotypes about older peoples'mental dullness or forgetting.

  2. Thanks for your insightful comments, Gaea! I totally agree with you about not promoting sterotypically negative aspects of aging. However, I think "mental dullness" and "forgetting" are not the same. For me, the "forgetting" I live with now results from almost 60 years of information packed into my brain cells! The fact is, more times than not anymore, I do forget what I'm looking for when I enter a room. And as I talk and laugh with friends, I don't think I'm alone in forgetting more than I used to. (But I also know more stuff than I used to know!)

    Thanks for reading Artful Aging!


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