Friday, January 21, 2011

Explore the Relationship Between Illness & Artistic Achievement

The Senior Center at the Philadelphia Free Library invites you to a terrific program.

"While none of us would choose to be ill, sickness has proved to be an unexpected boon to many artists---and to our cultural heritage. Some artists (Andy Warhol) found their true calling while coping with lengthy illnesses as children. Others were forced to change their medium of expression or artistic style when faced with serious illness or disability as adults. Ironically, some artists (Edgar Degas, Chuck Close and others) went on to achieve even greater success after becoming ill. The fascinating Mexican artist Frida Kahlo spent her entire adult life in pain and went on to create a body of work that is as powerful and moving today as when it was first completed. Do the lives of these and other artists offer important lessons that could benefit the rest of us?

"On Wednesday, January 26 at 11:00 a.m., Judith Zausner will explore these themes in a compelling slide presentation that is both educational and inspirational. Ms. Zausner serves on the Board of the Creative Arts and Aging Network (CAAN). She is also a local columnist and blogger who focuses on the relationship between creativity and empowered older adults. Please join us in Room # 108 for great ideas, wonderful food and a warm environment. Thanks to all!"
Dick Levinson

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